Disclaimer: Neither I nor this project is affiliated with Deliveroo in any way.
Roo-ulette is an imagined feature for Deliveroo (food delivery app) that facilitates picky eaters in deciding which vendor to order from. By disrupting the 'endless scrolling', we relieved the frustration of decision paralysis and effectively reduced the time needed to place an order via the app.
UX/UI Designer.
Research, conceptualisation, design, motion and prototyping.
1 Designer, 1 Developer
4 Weeks
Deciding what to eat can be paralysing and frustrating.
1. Identifying Pain Points
Conversations with focus groups revealed a common frustration when deciding orders during lockdowns.
2. Synthesising Feedback
Recurring insights suggested that the current ordering experience does not facilitate users enough to decide.
Categories and filters are not removing the last point of decision.
Filters only decide up to the cuisine and not down to the actual vendors, which is the actual layer of struggle.
Falling back to familiarity or comfort choices.
Users develop their own lists of go-to restaurants that they would fall back into when paralysis starts to kick in.
No restrictions nor prompts to urge a decision.
Lack of limits led to frustration when users realise their decision making has turned to a time-sink.
How might we...
Alleviate the compulsory decision making flow from the ordering experience?
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3. Feature Strategising
Considerations for key user requirements led to a combined scope of utilising existing and new feature sets.
4. Interface Interations
Four rounds of rapid concept testing resulted in a card shuffler that considers user’s preferences before deciding.
5. Journey Storyboard
Illustrations imagined the situational context, where the decision-making responsibility is mitigated from the user.
6. Integrating new flow
Existing flow is preserved to minimise interruptions to non-target users and reduce learning curve.
Minimum paths to desired result
7. Putting it Together
Utilising Deliveroo’s established design system to maintain a cohesive and seamless brand experience.
Proposed Solution
Roo-ulette now makes it ever easier for you to decide what to order, with even less steps.
Available when you need it
Roo-ulette shows up as a friendly prompt that triggers after a long time of endless scrolling.
Favourites and My Lists
You can now save restaurants into your own ‘Lists’ which could later be used for your roll. You can save a restaurant into multiple lists as well.
Rolling with Filters
Customise your roll using Deliveroo’s extensive filters to fine-tune the restaurants being included in your roll. Watch your roll gets updated as you add more filters.
Rolling with My Lists
Not feeling adventurous? You can instead choose to spin the roll from your own custom lists of favourite restaurants that have proven themselves time and again.
Roll away, Order Away
To nudge you into making up your mind, Roo-ulette is only available to spin for a limited amount of times and gets recharged over time.
Take it for a spin yourself
Tonight, Roo-ulette says I should be getting...

A contextual demo of the MVP solution for the problem.
Testing Impacts
Early feedback revealed promising results in reducing decision time and overall ordering.
96% of users were able to complete the flow with minimum required steps and mistakes.
Greatly improved the rate of placing an order by reducing decision making time by 70–80%
The new feature felt seamless and complementary to the current ordering experience.
"It just makes sense to have it in food delivery apps. Simple, but very delightful and useful."
"I would really consider going premium if this feature comes with it."
Project Takeaways
Design processes are just guides to get answers.
I’ve often relied heavily on industry processes like Double Diamond and found myself sometimes doing things for the sake of following the process. However this time, we tried following where our curiosity would take us and only then utilise the tools that would help in geting us those insights. As a result, the outcome felt more rigorous and aligned to the user’s needs than I expected.