I am Melvin, a digital product designer focusing on implementing user-centred, data-driven and business-oriented design.

I have been involved in various stages of product delivery, from doing 0 ➡ 1 work in seed-stage startups to scaling up features for SaaS companies across multiple platforms.

My best work happens when I’m crafting solutions and championing human experiences in a collaborative, ambitious and tea-drinking teams.
My Strengths
A generalist at heart, I got into product design because it allows me to pursue interests in creative, business, and psychology. I’ve since worked on a range of problem areas including - education, property, productivity, and social.

Armed with strong design roots in Architecture, I’m a systematic thinker with 3+ years of experience in strategising between design, engineering, business and user requirements. I’m especially passionate about purposeful designs that are driven by research and insights, rather than ‘personal taste’.
User Experience Design Immersive
General Assembly
Architecture (Dean’s Scholar)
University of Melbourne
Product Designer, Carsales.com.au
2022 - Current
Defining the development of innovative solutions for carsales products, enhancing the online car selling experience of millions of customers.
Product Designer, RefLIVE
2022 (contract)
Improving connections between sports clubs and their sponsorships.
UX Designer, Avocado DAO
2022 (contract)
Designing for one of Oceania's largest gaming guild’s token dashboard.
UX Designer, Keyvision
2020 - 2022
Contributed to the end-to-end design direction and feature scalability of a property management dashboard and mobile app.
The Sidelines
Currently reading
Think like a Roman Emperor, a series of stoic teachings and lessons by Marcus Aurelius
Currently building
Bingsu 🍨, a fuss-free flash card app to learn and revise new languages. Beta launching late 2022!
Listening to
Distractible, a light-hearted comedy podcast hosted by 3 dudes getting distracted by their own lives.
Offline Mode
I’m an avid movie enjoyer, especially for sci-fi and thrillers
My top 10
I'm most likely nodding along to some groovy basslines & riffs Currently hooked with a K-indie band - Wave to Earth
My soulful playlist
I'm into games with immersive single player narratives and stunning visuals.

Currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 👺 for the 2nd time!
I've got a strong plane phobia but an even stronger urge to travel. Currently visited 24 countries, and counting...